Brian Bartlett (canknucklehead) wrote in coh_protector,
Brian Bartlett

Issue 12 issues?

Anybody else have issues with door missions d/cing them because of lost connection to server errors. I'm also having issues with real bad lag. Can't even move alot of the time. I was fine on the Monday before issue 12 went live. Right now I'm dealing with the tech department but I was wondering if anybody else was having the same problem. Talk to you later.

Main Character: Ash Hellsbane lvl 50 Claws/Regen Scrapper
Sparks Tum Tum - lvl 25 MA/Regen Scrapper
Summer Soldier - lvl 24 Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster
Beowulf Strahd - lvl 21 Katana/Regen Scrapper
Demonbait - lvl 21 DB/Invul. Tanker
Granite Father - lvl 18 Stone/Stone Tanker
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