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Get a grip pal...

So I am playing last night with my blaster, BarbQ21 and I see this defender getting blasted by some outcasts. he's floating over head and just getting tagged and tagging them back as best he can. I PM asking him if he wants some help. He replies no, he didn't.

So I run to my contact, Flux, by some Insps and then run out and turn the corner. I see this Outcast, slightly hurt running towards his original spot in the back of the building I had just come out of. I see him, thinking he is a straggler and I tag him. He falls and I turn around and there is that Defender. I tell him I didn't know he was his target and he comes back saying " Didn't I tell you I didn't need your help!". He then runs off , bare in mind he is broadcasting all this. So I send a broadcast saying that I saw a straggler and I tagged him, I didn't know he was taken.

Then he responds by saying that he can't wait for PVP to come out so he can take out these $%$@ monkeys. I don't know what he said but I know who he was directing it at.

Look jack ass, it's a fing game. If you get upset because someone takes out a straggler thus depriving you of your 10 XP then you need to step away from the computer. Seriously...
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